Art Guild



Art Guild is a great way to express your creativity and work alongside other artists in the school. You can meet new people, learn a lot about the role of arts in society, and have tons of fun thinking outside the box. We will have some meetings outside of school hours.  Getting involved in Auburn Middle School’s Art Guild can make a difference.

Relevant Club Information

Dues: $5.00   Sponsor: Ms. Hale

Common Questions/Answers

Q: Who can join?

A: Any Auburn Middle School Student

  • You do not have to be in an art class to join.
  • You must stay in good discipline standing to attend meetings and workshops.

Q: Where are the meetings and workshops held?

A: In the middle school art room

  • The meetings and workshops are NOT mandatory.

Q: How often does the club get together?

A: Meetings or workshops are usually once a month, depending on what we have planned.  

  • Members can find out about events through the morning and afternoon announcements.

Q: What time are the meetings and workshops?

A: Right after school for an hour to hour and 45 minutes.